Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Swallow Stone Talisman

Chelidonius (swallow stone):
Arabic name is hajar al-khattaf. If it were worn by an epileptic, the attacks of his malady would cease, it favored procreation and also nullified the effects of the Evil Eye and it kept children from having bad dreams if placed beneath their heads when they were sleeping.
Pliny notes the opinion that a stone taken from the body of a young swallow,if worn attached to the human body, helps to strengthen the brain, and he adds that the stone is said to be found in the young bird even when it has just broken the shell. According to Thomas de Cantimpre the swallow stone is a talisman for merchants and tradesmen. The merits of the chelidonius,as this stone was called, were fully recognized in Saxon England and are given due prominence in an Anglo-Saxon medical treatise,dating from the first half of the tenth century. When these "swallow-stones" had been obtained they were to be carefully protected from contact with water, earth, or other stones. To secure the best results three of them were to be applied to the person who stood in need of their remedial effects. Not only did they cure headache and eye-smart, but they banished the dreaded nightmare, rendered futile the wiles of goblin visitors, and dissolved all fascinations and enchantments. 

Hajar Al Khattaf yehni woh khas pathari jo ababeel parinday kay potay mein say nikalti hai, yeh 2 aksam ki hoti hai aak ka colour white hota hai aur aak dark colour ki hoti hai jo dark brown ya red colour mein hoti hai, yeh stone ababeel nar aur mada dono mein hota hai aur onkay bachon mein bhi jo andon mein say nikaltay hain on mein bhi hota hai, is khas stone ko hasil karnay kay baad isay pani, matti aur dosray patharon kay sath nahi rakha jata warna iskay asrat khatam hojatay hain, isay hasil karnay kay baad chandi kay tawez mein achi tarah momjama kar kay apnay pas rakha jata hai takay isay pani, matti wagayra na lag sakay,
Murg kay stone he ki tarah Ababeel parinday ka stone bhi kafi khas mana jata hai, iska tilsim bana kar apnay pas rakhnay say kowat e bah kay liay aur nazar e bad say bachao kay liay bohat mufeed hai aur raat ko iska tilsim bachon kay sar kay nechay rakhnay say bachay khoab mein nahi dartay, zahanat kay liay bhi yeh tilsim bohat best hai, iska apnay pas hona zehan ko acha tez rakhta hai, zehani parayshani ho ya zehni koi bhi problem is khas stone kay tilsim say thek hojati hai,
Karobari log jo kharid wa farokhat, lain dain ya shares ka kam kartay hain onkay liay yeh tilsim bohat faidamand hota hai iskay ilawa dushmano say mehfoz rakhta hai aur jadu, jinnat kay bad asrat say bhi oski protection hoti hai, is stone ko sirf momjama kar kay chandi kay tawez mein he pehna jasakta hai ring mein nahi isay pehan saktay, agar aap ko is khas stone kay tilsim ki zarorat hoto aap muj say rabta kar kay lay saktay hain,

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